Alumni Association Scholarships Applications Available Now

2018 Scholarship Applications Available Now!!!

Once again, the St. James Alumni Association will be sponsoring high school scholarships for the 2019 – 2020 school year.  The scholarship applications are available upon request beginning in January 2019 (phone: 610-876-2006 or email:  These are partial, 4-year high school scholarships with required attendance at a Philadelphia Archdiocesan High School.

The scholarship applicant must be a practicing Catholic from a Delaware County parish.  The students eligible are graduating 8th graders and current high school students.

The scholarship applicants are evaluated on several categories i.e., academic achievement, community service, and financial need; the student is also required to write an essay on an assigned topic.  All applications with the complete requested information must be returned by Friday, April 5, 2019.

The St. James Alumni Association will host a Scholarship Program Open House on Tuesday, February 19th at 7:00 p.m.  The Scholarship Open House will be held at the St. James headquarters, The Doghouse located at 1499 E. 9th St. Eddystone, PA.